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Furniture for home

Creating a comfortable home, you can’t do without the acquisition of furniture. Today it is not difficult to buy furniture in Kiev at a reasonable price – there are lots of proposals! However, most of these proposals have standard solutions – little functional and rarely fit into the interior. Great furniture should solve several problems at the same time:

  • carry a functional load (cabinets for outerwear, cupboards for dishes, children’s furniture and bedrooms, cabinets for shoes, kitchen and bathroom sets, etc.)
  • meet the aesthetic parameters of the owner’s taste preferences;
  • be of high quality – furniture is not a category of goods that can be easily replaced.
  • Its operation must be absolutely safe and comfortable.

All of the above criteria are met by home furniture, made according to an individual sketch, directly for a particular room, to solve specific problems. Furniture Studio Wright for more than eight years provides the population of our country to update the interior with modern and stylish furniture to order. The online store offers a variety of furniture design solutions for both standard rooms, and to create comfort in country houses, mansions, holiday homes.

How to order furniture correctly?

If you are planning to make an order for custom-made furniture, then you need to take into account some aspects. This will not only help to harmoniously fit the furniture into the existing overall interior, but also prolong its life:

  • The dimensions should be consistent with the size of the room – it is recommended to entrust all measurements to a specialist. Try to make maximum use of all free space, especially for small size rooms: corner cabinets, mezzanines to the ceiling, sliding doors instead of swinging doors, etc. Our design specialists are always ready to advise on how to optimize furniture design for specific purposes.
  • Use modern fittings, which allow you to use the furniture in the most comfortable way: automatic door closers for closing drawers, corner pivoting supports, holders for opening doors upwards, special inserts for storing small items and shoes.
    Choose a color palette that perfectly complements the overall design of the room. Do not forget that the light shades of furniture make the room look more spacious.
  • The material for the furniture should always correspond to its purpose. For example, for the bathroom, it is not reasonable to choose furniture made of natural wood, and it is better to give preference to high-quality MDF, moisture-resistant plywood, glass, metal and artificial stone.
  • Using modern decorative elements, you can make even the budget versions of the furniture quite interesting and original. Be sure to listen to the advice of experts who are constantly aware of the latest trends in furniture fashion. Carefully consider the photos in the catalog of furniture projects that have already been implemented. Perhaps they will be a source of new ideas for the interior design of your home.

Where to buy inexpensive furniture for the house?

If you are interested in purchasing home furniture of exclusive design at a reasonable price – welcome to Wright Furniture Salon! We welcome every guest in our salon and are ready to provide any assistance in creating comfort in your home. In our team there are no indifferent people! All its members are true professionals and give out 200% when working on a new project. Each completed project – our calling card. We are proud of what we do! In our store you can see the ready projects and invite our designers for premise measurement and consultation. If you want to see the furniture that we make with your own eyes, “feel” and “smell” so to speak – you can do it in our stores, where the samples for furnishing are exposed:

  • hallway and corridor;
  • closet;
  • lounge;
  • kitchen;
  • bedroom;

Why is it worth ordering furniture for the house exactly in the company RIGHT?

Among the many furniture companies, Wright is distinguished by a number of features that set it apart from its competitors:

  • huge experience in this sphere of services;
  • using only high quality materials, fittings and built-in appliances of the world leaders in their production;
  • warranty provision;
  • professional approach at all stages of cooperation: from order placement to installation of furniture in your home;
  • reasonable prices for high quality services and designer furniture;
  • Exclusive furniture with the use of modern board materials, artificial stone, glass and metal;
  • using only safe materials for production;
  • Own high-tech equipment for furniture manufacturing, which allows you to monitor its quality at all stages of the project;
  • availability of our own fleet of vehicles, allowing our team of craftsmen to leave quickly and deliver the final order to any part of the country quickly and inexpensively;
  • individual approach for each client.

Welcome to the world of designer furniture – comfortable, practical and unique!