RIGHT brand 10 years |promotions and gifts|

Why we make GOOD furniture. Ten years ago, we decided to become better. Better than many on the furniture market of Ukraine. We doubted our capabilities and whether the path is right. But we decided to create a brand. We have set high standards for the design and manufacture of cabinet furniture. We raised the bar first and foremost for ourselves. To produce the furniture at the level of the best Italian and German samples, but to make it taking into account all the complexities and individual characteristics of the premises, adding a maximum of service options.

We moved forward, sometimes making little or no profit. Sometimes making mistakes. Today our trademark and our BRAND is ten years old. And we say thank you to everyone who has been and remains with us. To all those who, despite the proposals of other companies, turned to us. Who entrusted us to make their home more cosy and beautiful, who are using the furniture we have created even now. We say to all new customers – do not hesitate. Come to us. Order design, projecting and manufacturing. Enjoy using our furniture made for you. Today, tomorrow and the next decades.

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